A Little Prosperity Wishlet

A Little Prosperity Wishlet


Is it freedom and financial independence you are seeking?  Try out A Little Prosperity Wishlet to keep your focused on drawing a little bit of abundance your way.

Inscription Reads:  "Fortune is only thought manifested."

All things begin with only a thought. Before anything can become material it exists in the mind, so why would it be any different regarding money?  It's not!  Tie this bracelet asking to reform your beliefs about abundance and watch the Universe have your back.

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Background Color is Neon Green, Inscription is Dark Green.

A Little Prosperity Wishlet is made of 100% polyester.

Some common wishes surround:  

  • Developing your belief system and relationship with money.

  • Stepping outside of a poverty mindset and stepping into an abundance vibe.

  • Discovering new and exciting ways to create financial freedom.

  • Trusting your intuition in all things financial.

  • Attracting the abundance you want and deserve into your life.

One Little Wishlet is a Brazilian inspired wishing ribbon which dates back hundreds of years.  Ancient cultures believed these ribbons were not only good luck but also known to grant wishes to the wearier.