A Little Love Wishlet

A Little Love Wishlet


A Little Love Wishlet Benefits:

  • If you want to bring love into your life try this wishlet!  Tie it on your wrist or ankle and each time you read it, you will be reminded of L-O-V-E.  

  • Inscription reads: 'Be the love you wish to receive."

  • If you wish to bring love into your life, you must first give out the love you wish to attract.  Remember that like attracts like, you get only what you send out.

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Background Color is Pink, Inscription is Red.

A Little Love Wishlet is made of 100% polyester.

Some common wishes surround:  

  • Developing your own sense of self-love.

  • Bringing more platonic love into your life.

  • Exuding more love.

  • Opening Your Heart Chakra.

  • Attracting romantic love into your life.

One Little Wishlet is a Brazilian inspired wishing ribbon which dates back hundreds of years.  Ancient cultures believed these ribbons were not only good luck but also known to grant wishes to the wearier.