A Magical Week

Your Horoscope for 10.14.2018

Weekly Horoscopes

The 15th is great for socializing (in a deep, sultry Scorpio manner) as the winged god conjuncts love goddess Venus. Deep relationship matters might re-emerge at this time and get a chance for closure through talk and cooperation. The water trine with Neptune on the 19th supports psychoanalysis, dreamwork, meditation and intuitive work as compassionate communication with others becomes easier, even when tensions run high (the square with Mars on this same day might have some sparks flying). The sextile with Pluto on the 22nd might find that some issues around power/relationships from the 2nd have now turned into opportunities for growth (towards a more in-depth understanding, more commitment and mental strength), while the conjunction with Jupiter on the 29th is an intense moment when we’re supported to expand occult knowledge, to widen our horizons when it comes to self-knowledge and hidden info, to know our feelings and our fears profoundly and transform them through awareness. Luck with financial transactions/shared finances is indicated as well!

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