A Magical Week

Your Horoscope for 1.13.2019

Weekly Horoscopes

Dear readers,

This week is kind of the like the calm between the eclipse storm we have going on. On the 13th, Mercury joining Saturn in Capricorn shows a good moment to turn our ideas into concrete reality, while the Jupiter-Neptune square continues a cycle of spirituality and belief that started last August, now possibly with some tensions. Keep your faith and your spiritual practices strong.

On the 18th, the sky is eventful as Mercury conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, making it a heavy time when it comes to communication. In the same time, fiery Venus’ trine with hot Mars encourages us to risk it, flirt, have fun, while the Sun’s square with Uranus can predispose us to impulsive actions. Try to stay level-headed through all the intensity!

How will this week play out for you? Keep reading for your Sun and/or Ascendant sign!

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