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Weekly Horoscopes for 7.7.2019

Dear readers, 

              On the 7th, Mercury starts backtracking through Leo, bringing some difficulties with technology, transport or communication. Misunderstandings or unclarities in communication could be connected to our self-esteem, to ego or to our boundaries. It helps to double check any information and to remind ourselves of warm, heart-centered communication, where we respect others’ opinions, yet bravely express our own.

On the 8th, Chiron starts retrograding. Until mid-December, old wounds linked to our individuality and our inner or outer battles can be reactivated, asking us to turn back to ourselves, to set boundaries when needed, to take steps towards healing the angry side of our inner child. As Mars conjuncts Mercury at this time, our healing might just begin with a conversation where we dare to assert ourselves. Chiron squaring Venus could mean that this delicate situation can be in our family or can be linked to emotional validation. On the 9th, the Sun aligns with the North Node and opposes Saturn. The themes of July’s eclipses can be strong now: emotions versus reason, relaxation versus duty, emotional authenticity versus the outer patriarchal structures that might want to keep our feminine side at bay in order to stay proper and productive. Hang on through possible limitations and remember to work for your goals one step at a time.

However, around the 11th, we might find welcome moments of healing as the Sun-Neptune trine infuses our days with softness, receptivity and intuition and the Mars-Chiron trine can be of help in patching up old wounds related to ego or to self-expression. We will have a bit of an earthquake, however, as Mars squares Uranus. The actions that we use to assert ourselves could be blunt and unexpected, propelled by the desire to live life our own way- or we could meet this bluntness in others. 

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