A Magical Week

Your Horoscope for 10/15-10/21

There’s a New Moon coming this week and it’s set to bring some unexpected changes in your life.  The New Moon of October 19th will duke it out with Uranus, the ruler of innovation, change and boundary breaking.   Whatever comes your way will more than likely shock you and you might not initially love what unfolds.  Look back to the week of April 11th to give you an idea of what could come your way.  That was the Full Moon that activated these same degrees.  The thing with a New Moon is that it shows you the energy and what you should be focusing on for the next couple of weeks, and has a bit more of a lasting effect than that of Full Moon.  A Full Moon is mostly a one, two, done type of situation, things come up, you solve them and move on.  New Moons have the tendency to begin new trends, show us a different way to tackle life and introduce new ideas to us, most of which will last for a while.  Of course, the universe has your back, love, so there is no need to fear whatever may or may not come up.  You must remember that, and know that whatever comes your way is just what needed to happen to get you to the next level of being.  Check out what the New Moon has in store for you below.

Remember setting intentions around the time of a New Moon is the most optimal time! x Shereen Campbell give you the lowdown with some New Moon advice here.  Read A Spell for The New Moon in Libra: This Can Make Dreams Come True! now.