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Weekly Horoscopes for 5.19.2019

Dear readers,

On the 21st, the atmosphere becomes more playful as both the Sun and Mercury enter the airy sign of Gemini, forming a conjunction. We might be seeing more people reading on their way to work, we might be hearing more animated banter than usual as Gemini’s intellectual, adaptable and curious energy motivates us to read, write, talk, wonder why and find answers in the following month. Now is the perfect time to start writing that novel that you’ve kept postponing, to launch a communication project or simply to start writing a journal. On the 22nd, Neptune trine the North Node completes the picture with an inspiring, sedative vibe that can open our hearts to their inner spring of creativity, bringing us closer to our life’s path. As always, remember to keep things rooted in reality. On the 23rd, Chiron in Aries squaring Mars can bring up some wounds related to our ego and individuality. Take time to nurture your inner child- his needs are valid, even when he’s hurt and angry- and use the Chiron-Mercury sextile to release bottled up emotions through writing it or talking it off.

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How will this week play out for you? Keep reading for your Sun and/or Ascendant sign!

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