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Weekly Horoscopes for 7.14.2019

Dear readers, 

           Stay mindful around the 14th, as the Sun-Pluto opposition can be a moment when tension really amps up as a battleground for deep transformation. It might lead us in a surprising direction- more openness, vulnerability, intimacy, but it requires us to lay down our weapons and our need for control and to become rooted in our real power.

On the 17th, we have the second eclipse of the month in Capricorn. It’s a moment when the hard work that we’ve been doing lately pays off. Now we get to see the results of our efforts, as well as the way our attitudes towards work and responsibility are reflected in the outside world. New information about our career or social standing could be unveiled at this time. July’s Lunar Eclipse happens near the South Node, so there’s a strong pull towards the past, towards traditional rules and authority structures. However, these very structures need to be deeply purified and transformed in order for us to get to the next stage of our evolution. A few possible directions could be recognizing the issues and taking back the power in dysfunctional relationships with our fathers, our bosses or with other authority figures; quitting or making our terms clear at an over-demanding job that pushes us beyond our normal cycles of work and rest; a change of job or of career, a promotion, a position of increased power and responsibility; increased self-mastery and ability to reach our goals. At this time, we’re called to balance the discipline and the grit of Capricorn with the motherly softness of Cancer so we can do and feel our work with the same measure. On the day of the Eclipse, Venus conjuncts the North Node- our purpose, beyond all, is to love and to be loved, to be vulnerable and to share.

On the 18th, the Venus-Neptune trine supports this purpose and makes for a great day in love, socializing, pleasure and art. On the 19th, Mercury enters Cancer once again, this time in retrograde motion. Watch out for passive-aggressiveness and words with double meaning; it’s good to stay as honest and as assertive as possible about your emotions during this time. On the bright side, you can put that Mercury retro energy in the service of poetry and imagination!

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