A Magical Week

Your Horoscope for 09.16.2018

Weekly Horoscopes

It’s a relatively calm week for us mere humans. Sunday kicks off with happy aspect between Mercury and Jupiter. You’ll find your words might be sweeter and bigger than usual. Use this energy to connect with others and persuade them if needed. On Tuesday, Mars and Uranus are at odds asking us to slow down and be cautious. When these two get together, we run the risk of reacting too quickly and emotionally. If tempers flare, take a step back from the drama and wait for things to cool down. Even better, table the issue and wait until Thursday to hash it out. As the Sun conjuncts Mercury, the 20th is a great time for aligning our mind with our heart in setting our intentions in this area. Then, on the 21st, Mercury enters Libra, followed by the Sun on the 22nd. With Libra season comes the chance to mend, grow and bask in our relationships. Have a magical week, ya’ll!

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