One Little Wish

One Little Wish


Do you need an extra boost in your life?
Do you need some empowerment right here and right now?

Then all you need in your life is a One Little Wish Kit!

One Little Wish Kit is a set of tools for empowerment, the little extra boost you need to soar in life. If an extra birthday wish in your life would be very welcome, then this is the right spell kit for you. Through the visualization process and exercises, you learn that the only limits in your life are the ones you set on yourself. The One Little Wish Kit will show you that impossible is just a word and the infinite possibilities lie just within your grasp - if you are willing to offer your hand and grab them.

The One Little Wish Kit helps you to send your already firmly set intentions into the universe itself. And as you send the energy away, it slowly starts to return to you. Only this time on a much larger scale thanks to the One Little Wish Kit. And as you do that, your life will become more balanced, peaceful, joyful and everything will click.

Wish away and transform your life with the One Little Wish Kit!

Spell Kit Contents

  • Candle

  • Glass Candle Holder

  • Custom Brewed Ritual Oil

  • Glitter

  • Carving Stick

  • Mini Booklet

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Each Little Spell Kit is comprised of two parts, one part self-reflection and one part ancient ritual. The provided booklet contains simple and clear instructions hat help you to focus your intentions and properly utilize the law of attraction. Once you are filled with excitement for your next step, the other materials included are used to create a personalized ritual to manifest your intentions. 

Each kit focuses on a specific aspect of life that needs development.