A Little Inner Peace kit

A Little Inner Peace kit


Are you feeling stressed out?
Overwhelmed by everyday obligations that grow every day?

Looks like all you need in your life is A Little Inner Peace Kit.

The Little Inner Peace Kit is a set of tools that will empower you and help you to find your inner zen. With the Inner Peace Kit, no matter the issue, you will always be peaceful and calm. You will easily bring balance in your life and say farewell to all the overwhelming stress of everyday life. Not only that but you will also strengthen the connection with your inner self and get to know yourself better. Through that very process of knowing yourself, all the pieces of yourself and your life will fit together, showing you the bigger, true picture of reality.

The Little Inner Peace Kit will help you to set and send out your intentions for finding your inner peace. Through the mini Little Inner Peace book, filled with exercises and inner peace tips will help you visualize the image of serenity and peaceful energy. And as you send out your intentions to the universe, day after day, you will feel the soothing and harmonious energy fill your life. You will become calmer, untroubled and more peaceful than ever!

Discover your inner zen with the help of the Little Inner Peace Kit!

Kit Contents

  • Candle

  • Glass Candle Holder

  • Custom Brewed Ritual Oil

  • Glitter

  • Carving Stick

  • Incense

  • Gloves

  • Affirmations Keychain

  • 16 Page Booklet

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The Little Spell Kits series was designed to empower, ultimately reminding you of your purpose and proving that the word impossible is an illusion.

Each Little Spell Kit is comprised of two parts, one part self-reflection and one part ancient ritual. The provided 16 page booklet contains exercises that help you to focus your intentions. Once you are filled with excitement for your next step, the other materials included are used to create a personalized ritual to manifest your intentions. 

Each kit focuses on a specific aspect of life that needs development.