A Little Career Change

A Little Career Change


Are you wondering what your next career step should be?
Or maybe you are looking for a complete career change?

Looks like all you need in your life is A Little Career Change Kit.

The Little Career Change is an empowerment set of tools that will help you figure out what your next career step should be. With the Little Career Change Kit you will make up your mind on what you want to attract in your life, and through that process, you are making the very first step towards your career change.

Deciding how to make a career change or if making a career change is the right thing for you has never been easier than with the Little Career Change Kit. By following the specific set of exercises to help you visualize your intention, the energy that flows within you are sent out to the universe and returned to you in the form of subtle, yet positive guidance in your career life. With the help of the  Little Career Change Kit the frequency you send out is returned to you, and as it does, amazing things will happen to you! The path to success will unfold in front of you.

Watch in awe as success follows you wherever you go with the help of the Little Career Change Kit!

Kit Contents

  • Candle

  • Glass Candle Holder

  • Custom brewed ritual oil

  • Glitter

  • Carving Stick

  • Incense

  • Gloves

  • Affirmations Keychain

  • 16 Page Booklet


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The Little Spell Kits series was designed to empower, ultimately reminding you of your purpose and proving that the word impossible is an illusion. 

Each Little Spell Kit is comprised of two parts, one part self-reflection and one part ancient ritual. The provided 16 page booklet contains exercises that help you to focus your intentions. Once you are filled with excitement for your next step, the other materials included are used to create a personalized ritual to manifest your intentions. 

Each kit focuses on a specific aspect of life that needs development.