A Healthy Little Push

A Healthy Little Push


Are you looking for a little help with getting that rocking summer body?

Then A Healthy Little Push is a perfect way to start your new and improved healthy living journey!

A Healthy Little Push is an empowerment kit designed to help you jump start your healthy living regime.  If you are looking for a little boost to your wellness plan, this is the Healthy Little Push kit is perfect for you.  This is the perfect time for setting intentions – the seedlings of your very own future! By using Healthy Little Push Kit, through the process of making up your mind on what your body and health should be – you are doing something amazing. You are connecting with your inner self and taking the very first steps of your journey of self-transformation both physically and spiritually.

Leading a more balanced and healthy life has never been easier than with the Healthy Little Push Kit. By following the specific set of exercises to help you visualize your intention you will get in charge of your own life and body

And then the second part of this amazing magical process begins. The Little Healthy Little Push Kit consists of a candle kit that will help you send your intention to the universe. Your life will begin to transform. Your health will improve, your life will be more balanced and both body and soul will be brought into unity and harmony.

Create the healthy lifestyle you always wanted and rock your summer body with the Little Healthy Push Kit!

Kit Contents

  • Candle

  • Glass Candle Holder

  • Custom brewed herbal infusion oil

  • Glitter

  • Carving Stick

  • Incense

  • Gloves

  • Affirmations Keychain

  • 16 Page Booklet

As featured on Refinery 29!  

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The Little Spell Kits series was designed to empower, ultimately reminding you of your purpose and proving that the word impossible is an illusion.

Each Little Spell Kit is comprised of two parts, one part self-reflection and one part ancient ritual. The provided 16 page booklet contains exercises that help you to focus your intentions. Once you are filled with excitement for your next step, the other materials included are used to create a personalized ritual to manifest your intentions. 

Each kit focuses on a specific aspect of life that needs development.

Watch as Andy uses a Healthy Little Push to get her wellness routine in check!!