Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Dear Gemini, it just seems like now is not the best time to  start a new job or a new health routine, but rather to reconsider your emotions and your values regarding your current situation. Maybe it's not a time when you particularly like your job or the idea of work. Venus retro gives you time to think about what you truly desire from your daily life. The 19th is a great day for pouring your soul in your work as Mercury trines Neptune. You might feel generally inspired to do your work and to follow your path at this time. You can also use the aspect’s soothing energy to tone down any arising conflicts at the workplace (especially clashes of beliefs) as Mars sends a sqare to Mercury on the same day.

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Magical Dates:

Love: 1-23, and pay attention to the 15th

Career: -

Money: -

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon: -

Full Moon: -


Hey Gemini! Before reading your Gemini Weekly Horoscope be sure to check out our magical summary to understand more about your sign. Also, you won’t want to miss our weekly horoscope summary.

Nearing the hot summer, Taurus’ steadiness is replaced by the natural frolicking of Gemini. We’re talking about an Air sign, so this agitation is happening on a perceptual and on a mental level. It’s all shaken up! If you have a Gemini Sun, your soul purpose in this life is to acquire as much information as you can. This isn’t just about reading, talking and listening, but starts from the moment when you open your eyes in the morning and take in your surroundings, feeding on the vast expanse of reality that always has something new to stimulate you with.

Curiosity and willingness to be confused are the names of the game here. Gemini is a dual sign, so unlike the stubborn Taurus, he’s always willing to see the other side of the coin. And after all, lack of certainty is what leads to exploration and to progress! As the archetype of The Witness and The Storyteller, your Gemini Sun best operates if he stays open to new things from the environment while also mastering the art of speaking. You probably won’t have any problem with the latter, since Geminis are known for talking other people’s heads off!

Beyond this simple behavior, though, lies a strong desire to take in information and to make connections, whether it’s from one bit of knowledge to another or from person to person. The process is incredibly alive and vital and, from time to time, it’s crucial to give your mind and your body some rest from the continuous buzz of nervous energy that fuels you. With so much to know and so many paths to take, it’s best to collect yourself from time to time, to decide where you want to go instead of only riding the (magnificent) wave of information coming from your environment. When your Peter Pan-like curiosity and wits manage to choose a concrete direction and apply it, you’re unstoppable!

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