Feed Your Soul

Hello Little Magic Makers!

We decided to learn more and share the stories of some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, writers, models, and photographers who have one thing in common: they have all manifested their dreams. These inspiring men and women have challenged themselves to achieve their dreams and accomplish whatever goals they have set for themselves. They are proof that hard work and believing in yourself truly does pay off.

Here, at My Little Magic Shop, we want to understand what FEEEEDS their souls. We want to know what keeps inspiring people, well, inspiring.  We found out to stay motivated, productive, and to realize your dreams you need “soul food” (not the kind you can find on a plate; we mean choosing the lifestyle that makes your soul smile and ultimately feel satisfied). There are many different types of soul food out there, and we are certain you can relate to what we have to share.  Our goal is to fill your minds (and souls) with possibilities of opportunity, helping you to relinquish fears of failure. Because that's when all the MAGIC happens.  If you find yourself needing more...we will include our participants’ preferred method of contact for you at the end of each post.

Stay hungry…Nom nom...