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Be Like Water: Feed Your Soul with Keenyah Hill

Today on Feed Your Soul we are talking about a few of our favorite things: self-love, finding inspiration, and Keenyah Hill. 30-year-old model and actress, Keenyah is a woman who knows all too well the power of self-love and what it means to embark on the journey of accepting yourself. Her insights and advice on living and dealing with a mental health issue are something that have the power to really make a difference in the lives of those who are listening to her.

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All A Part of the Same Story: Feed Your Soul Laura Wellington

Meet Laura Wellington - highly successful CEO, founder and editor of Thread M.B., author, major media blogger, Huff Post contributor, and mother of five.  This impressive entrepreneur founded a media blog site, Thread M.B. that combines interviews from "Social Media Moms" (i.e. bloggers, bloggers, pinners...all widows or mothers) and interviews with celebrities in entertainment, media, business, politics, medicine, and the nonprofit world. 

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