Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Dear Capricorn,On the 17th, the Lunar Eclipse in your sign brings a moment of fulfillment and transformation in your life. It can be through a result, an event that seems fated and that crowns the efforts that you’ve made until now in any area of your life- job, relationships, hobbies, health, self-growth. Useful information can be unveiled, helping you take the next step and let go of those structures, beliefs and “musts” that are holding you down from becoming fully yourself. It’s a deeply transformative moment in your life, Capricorn, when you might be led to realize that you can’t go at it completely alone, but that you have the strength to endure and to persevere no matter what. Excellence is build step by step and respect starts with the appreciation that you give to yourself, even when you fail. On the 18th, take advantage of a dreamy, creative, spiritual vibe that can, help you continue what you’ve started around the 11th (heartfelt discussions, relationship healing), despite things feeling a little heavy

Magical Dates:

Love: -17, 18

Career:  -17, 18

Money: -

Watch, Wait, Access, Act:

New Moon (Solar Eclipse): 7/2

Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse): 7/17


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It’s the Winter solstice when the Sun enters Capricorn, the coldest period of the year. The world is at a stand-still, frozen, dead serious. It’s not a time to meet your friends and hang out in the park, but to retreat inwards, to reflect and to do your work. If you have your Sun in Capricorn, your soul’s purpose is to achieve worldly power without getting attached to it, based on a self-sufficiency that lets no exterior praise or critic affect your integrity.
A cardinal Earth sign, Capricorn’s resources are patience, self-discipline and an iron will. As the archetype of the Hermit, you have strong roots in yourself and you are willing to work long-term for fulfilling your personal values, helped by an instinctive practical sense that you can use to transform your dreams into concrete reality. From up there on the mountain, you can see our silly little world and what matters to you is not the subjective impression, but what can be noticed, what each person does to contribute and fulfill their social role.
Self-control misdirected, though, can turn to emotional repression, and solitude can turn into a loneliness where you seek authority and control over exterior matters, forgetting to turn inward. The validation that you give to yourself for your work- for it naturally being something you enjoy and want to excel at- is ideally more important than any exterior, fleeting praise. The authority that you have over yourself, through marrying the mind, body and heart, is what can keep you moving forward with ideal pace and integrity.

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