Gold 7 Knob candle (siete nudos)

Gold 7 Knob candle (siete nudos)


Gold 7 knob Figural Candle are usually used for magic that has to do with devotion, prayer, money (gold), happiness and attraction. A Gold 7 Knob Figural Candle is perfect for use as a main candle in Spellwork, Ritual spells, and Witchcraft, for example. A 7 knob yellow candle would be generally used to attract wealth over the course of a week.  A magic worker would typically complement a spell with herbs and oils, adequate to the spell, to dress the candle.


Gold 7 Knob Figural Candle Uses.

-Material Wealth spells

-Prayer and devotion to a specific deity

-Mental wellbeing and happiness

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