A Little Luck Candle

A Little Luck Candle


-Are you looking for a little luck to set into your life?
-Do you want to manifest the life of your dreams?
-Are you ready to become luckier in life?

Then A Little Luck Candle is all you need!

If things have not been going anywhere in your life, it’s time to make a change! It’s time to manifest the positivity and luck you deserve with the help of A Little Luck Candle.

A Little Luck Candle is a very special candle, set with the intention of attracting positivity and luck from the Universe. Set in a glass to ensure that your candle burns the optimal time to help you send your intentions longer. As the Little Luck Candle burns and you watch the beautiful green wax melt, send your intentions to the Universe and manifest the luck and fulfilling life that you deserve!

Even if you already have the perfect life, burn the Little Luck Candle to attract some luck by creating the perfect atmosphere with it.

Attract prosperity positivity and luck in your life that you deserve with the help of the Little Luck Candle!

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Delightfully fragrant, colorful and clean-burning, A Little Light Candle Series are handmade with soy wax from American grown soybeans. Their lead and zinc free wicks create a unique blend of fragrance with organic custom-brewed essential oils. Each candle in the A Little Light Candle collection is designed to ensure hours of much-desevered delight and relaxation. They also make for a perfect gift or personal indulgence.