Week of 10/15-10/21

This New Moon brings focus to your home life, Cancer.  Think back to the Full Moon last April 11th for some clues as to what could come up.  If something unexpected does comes your way, it might relate to some unexpected happenings at the place you lay your head.  Listen, as annoying as it sometimes is, the Universe does things that feel very frustrating in the moment, but usually turn out to be in our best interest.  So, if you find something breaks or goes awry at your place, a roommate decides to move in with their SO, your rent goes up or some other home related change occurs, best believe there is a greater plan at stake.  One that you might not understand until the smoke has cleared.  This New Moon will be duking it out with Uranus causing you to have to do a bit of a balancing act of sorts. Uranus has been traveling in your career house for a bit now, potentially making your career not as stable as you would prefer, so don’t be surprised if whatever comes up throws off your work/life balance.  Moreover, if there are any unhealthy habits you’ve been holding on, this is the most optimum time for you to address them and defeat them for good.  Do you love your current residence?  Do you need a new roomie?  Or do you want to not have a roommate?  Do you want to re-model or make renovations?  Maybe you just want to move?  If you aren’t satisfied with the answers to those questions, then now is the time to set some intentions to improve!  This New Moon is the perfect time to reassess.  Please take advantage of the New Moon energy and at least write down some New Moon intentions for what changes you really want.

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