The Importance of Setting Goals

We all dream of having great success. Not just financial success, but a life that is emotionally, physically and above all; spiritually successful. To be successful in anyone of the above mentioned areas, it is important to therefore set goals.

Setting goals does not only mean setting monumental goals. It is also important to set those interim goals as well.

The reasons for setting goals, it's not just about immediately achieving those goals, but as well the character that it builds during the process of striving to attain those goals.

Once you've achieved your original goal it sort of motivates and inspires whatever self-confidence you might have had to pursue other goals.

We often realize that once we've achieved one goal it transpires us to setting another goal. The self-confidence that it brings about from achieving one goal transforms the individual and his confidence in other areas of life by applying the same principles.

It is imperative to set realistic goals, while using a realistic time frame. It is also important to prioritize your goals. Not everything can be done at once. Organizing your goals, allowing your energy and resources to reflect those priorities. In addition, leaving room for growth while putting into consideration that "Rome was not built in a day".

Setting incremental goals are important. There's a great feeling of accomplishing one goal at a time. Setting small goals and meeting them, then setting new larger goals. In doing so, you'll come to the realization that the thing you originally thought  most unattainable has now become attainable.

Setting goals does not  only have to be financially rewarding; it should also be something that allows you to express yourself creatively allowing you success in all areas of your life which can then be shared with the rest of the society.

Obviously, it would be considered an ideal blessing to be financially compensated for one's passion. I do believe that once there's true passion, commitment and integrity there's no doubt the rewards will be guaranteed. This I presume should be the holistic standard of setting goals. Creativity, Commitment, Passion and Integrity.

Norman Vincent Peale once said “The sure way to meeting your goal is the way of unselfish prayer. It is to adopt the thought that you want to do the most good in the world, and achieve the best values, not just for yourself but for all people and you will bring your total experience of overall success.” I found this statement quite true, the more we set goals that involves the betterment of our world community, the goal then become more inspiring and creates a sense of purpose, because we're not only pursuing our own self-interest but the interest of others and this tends to make the goal worth fighting for, while inspiring you not to give up.

My hope and dreams for this generation is that we will all set goals and strive to the end to make our world a more peaceful and loving world.

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