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Consistency is Key in the Successful Career in Creativity

There are many different factors that can contribute to your success in your creative career.  Building a successful creative career takes a lot of hard work, passion, and authenticity.  You can promote your work to your audience through many different platforms including social media sites.  However there is one main ingredient that is undeniably essential, consistency.  

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Perseverance AND Consistency? Perseverance OR Consistency? Finding all the keys to creative success

Consistency is a factor or characteristic of achieving success.  According to Eric V. Holtzclaw (2012) it is the difference between failure and success.  Perseverance is also a factor, correct?  The question is do you need both to succeed? Are they potentially inclusive or can you reach personal success with one or the other?

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The Importance of Setting Goals

We all dream of having great success. Not just financial success, but a life that is emotionally, physically and above all; spiritually successful. To be successful in anyone of the above mentioned areas, it is important to therefore set goals.

Setting goals does not only mean setting monumental goals. It is also important to set those interim goals as well.

The reasons for setting goals, it's not just about immediately achieving those goals, but as well the character that it builds during the process of striving to attain those goals.

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