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Magical Intuition Building – Keeping a Dream Journal

Sometimes, our subconscious mind has a lot to say. And sometimes, your higher self has a lot to say through it. The natural way where your subconscious mind comes to the surface is through your dreams. But, dreams have a funny way of slipping away from our memories once we wake up.

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The Art of Prediction

Many times in your life you might have known something will happen. You didn’t know exactly what it was, but you felt it. Or if you are more visual you might have even dreamt it. This is a sign of heightened intuition that is trying to warn you that something is going to happen. When your intuition is very strong, you can even make correct predictions about the future.

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Building your Intuition

Intuition is an amazing thing which we all naturally possess. We all have random hunches and weird dreams from time to time that don’t have sense, until later on in life. Sometimes you might even hear things, like a doorbell but you are not expecting anyone and no one is at the door. But not to worry you are not going crazy, it’s just a manifestation of your intuition, a hunch that lets you get better quality of life if you listen to it.

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