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Profit from the Powers of Your Birth Planet

Whatever your astrological sign is, you have a very favorable birth planet, also called your dominant planet. It has powers you need to understand to find your true path in life, develop your personality, find your hidden talents, and, above all, express your true nature each and every day. Knowing more about your dominant planet is one of the keys to success and a better life.

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Choose Love Over Fear - Magical Guest Writer

Despite having the best of intentions, our hopes for positivity can get waylaid by Life’s many obstacles.  Boundaries get pushed, plans go awry, and people blame you for problems that are theirs and theirs alone.  All of these circumstances are outside of your control, which can make it easier or harder to swallow, depending on how you look at it. 

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Why I Am Focusing on Forgiving This Year, Starting With Myself

My rough past has left a lot of cracks and fault lines in my psyche, and while moving into new astrological spaces promises success for me in this coming cycle, I realize that if I do not work on myself first, I am only setting myself up for future failure if I do not create a sustainable foundation within me first. 

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