Word Of The Week – Snowflake Obsidian

One of the most amazing crystals in the crystal world – Snowflake Obsidian, is the perfect crystal for anyone, whether you are just starting your crystal healing journey, or you are an advanced crystal healer. Its powerful pure cleansing vibes make it one of the best thought pattern shifters and cleansers in the crystal world! But, what exactly is snowflake obsidian?

Snowflake Obsidian

What is a Snowflake Obsidian Crystal?

Snowflake Obsidian is a variation of a black obsidian crystal. Like every black obsidian, snowflake obsidian is usually created in the deep layers of earth, in the presence of lava or magma. Whenever lava cools slowly, black obsidian is created. However, snowflake obsidian is more special because the snowflakes that appear on it are silica molecules. As time passes by, the silica molecules transform into a type of quartz, creating the mesmerizing snowflakes on the crystal.

What are the benefits of using Snowflake Obsidian?

Snowflake Obsidian has a volcanic origin and was once given to a Roman Explorer as a gift - described as a mystical black sphere that came from a volcano. In the crystal world, snowflake obsidian is known as the Purifier. It is a crystal that has strong cleansing abilities and yet emits gentle soothing vibes. It’s high-frequency vibes, slowly prod into every layer of your being, gently dissolving toxic vibes that piled up over the time.

Although it dissolves all negative patterns and blockages, one of the most effective uses it has is clearing up negative thought patterns, and transforming them into positive ones. By bringing up past emotional hardships that are left tangled in your soul, and dissolving negative thought patterns that only plague with more negative vibes, often snowflake obsidian can bring all issues to light – ultimately helping you resolve them, and purifying yourself from toxicity.

How to use Snowflake Obsidian?

  1. Jewelry – Bringing Snowflake Obsidian with you wherever you go is beneficial because negative thought patterns are hard to shake off. Although you can perform rituals with snowflake obsidian for resolving those toxic thought patterns, the most efficient way of doing so is to bring snowflake obsidian with you to help you battle them whenever they arise and transform them into positive ones.

  2. Crystal Healing – Harsh, but eye-opening, Snowflake Obsidian will also help you see the true value of things and people around you. It is also an excellent crystal for balancing the Root Chakra which makes Snowflake Obsidian an amazing crystal to work with during your crystal healing sessions.

  3. Purifying/Cleansing Rituals – Whenever you work on cleansing yourself or your home, it’s important to touch upon the core of the issue and dissolve it from its root. However, doing so requires time and patience because emotional issues are hard to overcome. That is why snowflake obsidian is perfect for such rituals because it has a gentle yet strong purifying vibes.

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