Crystal Magic - Red Jasper Meaning

One of the most common stones, through history and any crystal work, is without a doubt – the red shimmering red jasper. As every crystal the Mother Earth has given us, red jasper hold its own unique healing properties and frequencies. As one of the oldest stones that have followed humanity through history, you have to wonder, what exactly is red jasper meaning?

Red Jasper Meaning

Red Jasper through History

As one of the stones that I most often found in many archaeological findings everywhere around the world, red jasper truly stands out historically speaking. Well-known as a talisman for courage, many warriors wore it in their breastplate including the mighty Vikings. It is said that the mightiest Viking warriors along with the legendary dragon slayers, had Red Jasper embedded into their weapons. In Egypt, red jasper meaning was very different.

Red Jasper was connected with fertility and as a protective charm. However, after so many years, you have to wonder – what exactly is red jasper’s meaning today?

Red Jasper Meaning

Today, Red Jasper is known as the stone that radiates with chi – Life Force. It’s unique calming and grounding frequencies soothe anxiety and financial worries instantly. By connecting with your Root Chakra, red jasper is a remarkable stone that restores balance. With it, there is no more: “What if?” and there is only one perspective – the reality in which you live, unfiltered.

Sometimes, the worries you have covered up everything, even the good things in life. And Red Jasper won’t let you fool yourself any longer. Radiating with life force, while doing your crystal healing sessions, there is no better stone that can help you clear your mind. With a clear mind, and more realistic perspective you will see the true you, one that is unwavering and in control of their own life. There won’t be an obstacle you won’t be able to overcome when you have Red Jasper by your side!

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