Questions to Ask Your Pendulum

Have you ever started your awesome pendulum session, and suddenly realized that you don’t have as many questions as you thought you would? You keep having questions during the day, however, when you sit down to actually gain some clarity, nothing pops into your head? We’ve been there.

questions to ask your pendulum

And although the best way to make sure you have your questions ready is to take notes during the day, when you are busy you don’t really have the chance to do so with every question that comes to mind. Furthermore, not all questions that you have are yes or no questions, so it takes time to make them into a more appropriate form for getting answers from your pendulum.

So, whenever you are in a bind and don’t have questions ready for your pendulum, or you are just a newbie with pendulums and you aren’t sure what kind of questions you can ask your pendulums, we are giving you a few questions to get you started! Are you excited? Check them out below:


- Is the food I am eating during the day right for me?

- Is this meal good for me? (ask with pendulum above the food that you want to eat)

- Is (name of diet) a good choice for me?

- Is the food I am eating healthy for me?

- Is the food I am eating making me sick?

- Is eating more --- good for me?

- Is eating less --- good for me?


- Am I on the right career path?

- Am I focusing on the right goal at the moment?

- Will I get a promotion?

- Is it time for a career change?

- If I follow up on my business idea, will I be successful?

- Will I be successful as a----?

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- Is --- my soulmate?

- Will I meet my soulmate?

- Should I practice more self-love?

- Am I ready for a new relationship?

- Am I in a relationship with the right partner?

- Is this relationship meant to be?

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