Perseverance AND Consistency? Perseverance OR Consistency? Finding all the keys to creative success

Consistency is a factor or characteristic of achieving success.  According to Eric V. Holtzclaw (2012) it is the difference between failure and success.  Perseverance is also a factor, correct?  The question is do you need both to succeed? Are they potentially inclusive or can you reach personal success with one or the other?

I raise these questions because bore easily. I mean to the point where, I’ve wondered if I have a mild case of adult ADD (it’s a real thing y’all).  So consistency is something that I struggle with, especially if the routine becomes monotonous.  However, I have a tendency toward perseverance.  I think the very definition of perseverance (continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition; the action or condition or an instance of persevering) is something that is engrained in my nature. Tools for abundance states that, “Perseverance is also a personal value, because it gives shape and strengthens your character which allows you to keep your focus on your goal” (2013). We don’t need to dive into my life story here, but when I have a goal in mind, I typically achieve it despite getting knocked around a bit in the process.  However, my level of consistency is not as strong.  

Consistency by definition is conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness, and the achievement of a level of performance that does not vary greatly in quality over time.  While, I believe that consistency is great and necessary, I am not sure that it alone is synonymous with success—especially creative success.  Now, I am not saying that as a writer I don’t need to be consistent in producing work on a regular basis, but I’d much rather write a relevant relatable piece sporadically versus writing mediocre works at 3pm every Tuesday simply to stay consistent.  So, which one works best?

I think the answer is that they work together.  Someone can be consistent in their daily routine without any certain goal in mind which will ultimately lead nowhere, while someone can be perseverant in many different things and equally not achieve a certain goal.  The key is to stay consistent and persevere and eventually you will succeed.   This is not to say keep trying the same thing over and again expecting to meet your goal, but rather keep trying to reach your goal.  If you fail, take a different approach, but keep trying at a consistent rate.  

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