New Friends & Vision Boards

I’ve been in Miami about a year and I finally call it home. It took getting used too, and it took a while to build strong friendships… Unfortunately, (for me, not my awesome friends) my closest friend in Miami has decided to go travel Central and South America, and another friend decided to move back home to North Carolina, AHHH! And like that, I’m down to one really good girl friend here in Miami.  What’s a girl to do?

I strongly believe every woman needs strong female relationships. I’m absolutely in love with him, but he doesn’t necessarily want to hear about my period cramps, check out Friday night yoga class, or go shopping for discount dresses with me. The point is you need girlfriends! However in your late 20s, you can’t exactly go up to an attractive, interesting woman and ask her for her phone number, without her thinking you’re a lesbian.

In an attempt to make girl friends I turned to the internet, more specifically,, creating a group called “Miami Beach Babes- 20s & 30s,” in hope women like me- desperate for friendship, would join and be my friend! And who’dhave thought they’d come to my meet-up entitled “Vision Board Making and Wine,” turns out lots of ladies in Miami are in the same boat, moving from places.away from friends and family, for new opportunities.

At 6:30pm on a Wednesday evening, I set up big poster boards, an assortment of magazines, stickers, crayons, and of course chips, pretzels, guacamole, salsa, and wine. I waited patiently for strangers from the Internet to arrive at my apartment… funny enough this didn’t seem like a weird idea until I said it aloud. By 7- everyone’s on Miami time, I had some guests. We drank wine, got to know each other, and talked about why we wanted to make a vision board. One girl just ended an engagement and wanted to set her intentions right and be reminded why she ended it. Another girl, desired children in her marriage and what it would take to get her to that point. Others seek romantic relationships, new jobs…. and travel was a very big theme.!

The idea of the vision board is to put your intentions out into the universe. Similar to the popular book, The Secret, if you believe it, you can achieve it. Two years ago, I went to a New Year’s Day Yoga class at Pure Yoga in New York, with world-renowned yogi, KayKay Clivio, where she had us write what we wanted for the year. Starting each with “I will…” not “I want…” or “I hope…” I wrote “I will live in a beautiful place, “ “I will have a job that appreciates me and that I enjoy,” and “I will be healthy.” I hung it on my refrigerator and was unknowingly reminded everyday about my goals. By summer, I moved to Miami Beach- the beautiful place, got a great teaching job that sends me to conferences and has parents and administration that compliment my teaching-the job that appreciates, and my yoga practice is better than ever- the health. It worked!

I reflected on it recently and decided it was time to do it again, and at the same time make some friends. Rather that just writing, we used pictures and wrote empowering phrases. My new board has pictures of India- my dream trip which I’m saving up to go on next summer, an engagement ring- a hint for my longtime boyfriend (We’ve talked about it!!!), phrases about being healthy, friendship, and love, money signs, pictures of yoga poses, and more. I have it on a shelf in my living room. It’s all things I can subconsciously strive for. It’s empowering!

My new group of girls loved it. Everyone presented their boards and left with a sense of new beginnings. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it was fun, and now my ideals and goals are more narrowed down and actually put onto paper rather than just scrambling around my brain. I would encourage everyone to write their goals down, whether just writing them on paper or making a fancy vision board, and maybe make new friends while you’re at it! Also, was great, and it was totally cool inviting strangers over.


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