Living a Healthy Lifestyle in South Beach

I’ve heard people describe South Beach as “Las Vegas with a beach.” Cringeworthy! Yes, Miami has nightlife and mostly naked people, but it has so much more to offer. Here are some of my top places to visit, and things to do, in Miami:

The Standard Hotel- H2Om

40 Island Ave, Miami Beach

My girlfriends’ and I love going to The Standard’s H2Om Yoga class on Friday night’s from 8-10. They bring in awesome yoga teachers, and you get to use the Spa area after. It’s normally not your average yoga class, I’ve been to classes with lazers, drums, singing and dancing. It’s $35, but walking around in plush robes, and using fancy spa amenities makes me feel rich, even if only for 2.5 hours


Icebox Café

1855 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach

Icebox café offers really great food, like falafel wraps, kale salads, organic fare, and an especially awesome brunch with all kinds of egg dishes and amazing stuffed French toast. They make great pitchers of natural iced tea. Yum, yum, yum! Did I mention they make OPRAH’s favorite chocolate cake in America! What? Yes, OPRAH! (Ok, chocolate cake is not healthy, but it’s delicious. Everything in moderation!)


Yoga on Biscayne Bay

Bay Rd, Miami Beach, 33139

I practice by myself, or teach my yoga students on Biscayne Bay. I’m lucky to live in a building that has bay views and it’s easy to lay my mat down. Yes, I’m the weird yoga girl in the building, but it’s worth it. Moving meditation, means I just focus on my breathing and my beautiful surroundings! Check out  to practice with me!



The Freehander Hostel/The Broken Shaker

2727 Indian Creek Dr,  Miami

enough, the Freehander is an upscale hostel, but it’s one of the coolest spots on the beach. It has a very “Soho, New York vibe,” and it’s filled with locals and cool people traveling from all over the world- i.e. hostel. The Broken Shaker, is a fabulous outdoor bar, decorated in lights, and with yummy little cocktails, located in the courtyard of the hostel. It’s great for a date night, or going out with some friends.


My Miami is a beautiful place with outdoor activities, healthy foods, global friends, and of course, Oprah’s favorite chocolate cake. What do you want you Miami to be?


South Beach Kayak

1771 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach

AI love the people at South Beach kayak, they’re some of the coolest, most real people I’ve met in all of Miami. They give you a good route for kayaking or paddle boarding, and even offer tours. The best route is around all the different islands with the big beautiful mansions. If you’re lucky you’ll see a manatee, which is like seeing a dinosaur! You’re essentially seeing a DINOSAUR!