Friendship touches our lives in a score of ways.  Whenever I think about the idea of friendship, I think about the essence that which it brings about. Friendship, a relationship created to edify the lives of the individuals engaged in this particular partnership. Whenever I ponder upon the profundity of what it means to engage in an ideal friendship, I often contemplate upon an actual ship.

In the context that a ship is often on a mission sailing to a particular destination, lugging some particular valuables which will serve for the betterment of its recipient.  Ideally edifying the lives of those receiving it's contents, simply by arriving to it's destination safely and securely.

.... And so it is, whenever there are healthy boundaries in fulfilling one's duty in a true form of celebrated friendship. One becomes the ultimate participant in his or her commitment to the advancement of the friendship.  The friendship sails and inspires the participants to new and undiscovered destinations. Not only physically, but spiritually as well as emotionally.  This is is the idea of a wholesome, safe and inspiring friendship.

True friendship requires nothing in return. The feeling that is behold from such a gift from God is one of immense joy and satisfaction. It is indeed one of the greatest essence of bliss and enlightenment.  Friendship, when we ask God for a friend and he sends us a best-friend...

Oh what tender gift is is from God. Therefore, such a gift as true friendship should be nurtured by any means necessary.

Just as a ship sets a sail, comes what may.... storms, winds and mighty waves, it withstands.As with true friendship, it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Ultimately, allowing those engaged in the friendship a sense of safety and security.

Friendship, a mysterious treasure by God.