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If you are wondering why you should get yourself A Crystal Water Bottle here are a few benefits from using them:

VitaJewel Via GemWater Bottles are specifically crafted bottles that purify and re-energize your drinking water.. They are crafted by a high-quality glass that won’t change the composition of your water like plastic bottles and the water distribution does. But, what makes them really special is that each crystal water bottle contains a specific set of crystals, to restore your water its natural rejuvenating and energizing properties, required to keep yourself healthy.

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There are a lot of crystals that can help cleanse and restore your drinking water, but instead of figuring it out by yourself, you can simply get yourself a bottle with a set of crystals optimized to produce you the best high-quality water for healing yourself. Besides simply restoring the water to its natural properties, the crystals also enhance specific energies – love, creativity, inner peace – which is why there are 17 types of VitaJewel Via GemWater Bottles for your every need.

A lot of crystals can deteriorate by being constantly exposed to water, and by doing so can produce toxins and pollute your water. That is why all of the VitaJewel Via GemWater Bottles use the indirect method of creating gem water. At the bottom of the bottle, the set of crystals are placed in a separate glass chamber, allowing them to energize your water, without deteriorating, or polluting your water.

People who have switched to VitaJewel Via GemWater Bottles can tell the difference right away. They feel overall higher levels of energy and have even noticed that the water started to taste better – somewhat cleaner.

They are the perfect bottle to bring with you anywhere and remind yourself to drink more water daily. We like to fill our bottle in the evening, and leave it overnight. The first thing we do in the mornings is take a few sips of the energized water from our VitaJewel Via GemWater Bottle. There simply isn’t a better way to start off our day! That’s how we create our own damn magic, and you can join us too! All you need is a VitaJewel Via GemWater Bottle in your life 