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Word Of The Week – Sound Healing

Have you ever played a song so good, that you felt shivers down your spine? That’s because your dopamine levels are spiking in your body. It’s amazing, isn’t it? That music by itself can be the cause of change in your body. The truth is, music, and sounds, in general, can have a great impact on your body, mind and spirit and the goosebumps you have experienced are just a little part of it.

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Word of the Week - Self Love

The everyday stress can be overwhelming. But still, in that busy schedule, you get up, and you fight. You fight for the things and people you love. But, do you ever stop and think about yourself? Are you fighting for yourself? And if not, does that mean that you don't love yourself?

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Visualization - Word of the Week

If you are trying to make the Law of Attraction work to help you transform your life to the better then you must have stumbled onto this word – Visualization. Visualization is the most common technique that you will come by to achieve your goals in life and to make the Law of Attraction work for you.

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