Bright, Clean, and New: How to Keep Your Work & Ideas Fresh

It is easy to get stuck in a runnel in which you and your work may begin to seem boring or even repetitive.  If you, like myself, have found yourself coming up with the same idea over and again then it may be time to think outside of the box!  

Creativity is not a holy gift bestowed upon a specific few individuals.  Being creative in any aspect of life or work is about coming up with something new.  So, how do you do this consistently?  Great question.  When I find myself at a crossroads or rather when I feel like my work or creative ambitions are on a plateau, I stick to this short list of techniques to help me conjure up some new and fresh ideas:

  • Change the filter: Rather than looking at your work or viewing your idea for what it actually is, look at it for all of the things that it could be! Do this and you will definitely keep reinventing yourself, and your ideas.

  • Think out loud: Hearing yourself talk can help you dig out of a creative rut.  Find a friend or partner as a sounding board, and if no one is available talk it out loud with yourself; being your own sounding board will at least help sift through stale ideas and get to the real stuff.

  • Stare at the blank: Use a blank wall, canvas, word document, etc to first help you clear your mind, and second visualize something new.  Imagine dreams, new projects, and musings.  This technique will help you get past the humdrum thoughts and ideas of the everyday.  

  • Ask more questions:  This is a very simple concept.  If you are going around in circles, ask more questions about your ideas.  Try to figure out where it is that you would like to go and ask yourself or your sounding boards the right questions to get there.

  • Put it to the test:  This is a part of problem solving.  In our case the problem would be the boring creative rut.  So once you come up with something that is fresh and new simple test it out.  Get some opinions.  This will steer you in the right direction and you will be on your way to new projects in not time.

The important thing to remember is that creativity begins with you.  Steve Jobs said that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.  I think this statement could not be truer.  Creativity and creating new ideas is the same concept.  Instead of using something that has worked in the past, change it.  Don’t give up when you are not feeling particularly edgy and innovative; just get outside of the box, and you’ll be producing fresh new works of art every time  

RainaRefresh, CareerComment