Friday Magic - 24 Hours Only

Introducing FRIDAY MAGIC!!

Starting this Friday, we will be picking some of our favorite items and offering them at a very, magical price for 36 hours only!! We're kicking this week off with an energy generator!!

Be sure to get it before it's gone!  Sale ends at 3/3/18 11:59pm EST!

Black Obsidian Reiki Energy Generator w/Rudraks

This Black Obsidian Reiki Energy Generator is amazing for healing, reiki and meditation.  An energy generator is a favorite among those who are interested in alternative healing methods as makes it so much easier to direct energy exactly where you want it to go.  An Energy Generator, or also called a projector crystal has up to 6 different sides working to target a specific point.  Black Obsidian is known for cleansing negative energies.  Keep it near sunlight by your desk, living room, bedroom or even put it in your pocket to cleanse your space and keep the bad vibes away.  This is a key protector stone, shielding you from negativity.

Height in Inches: 1.25
Width in Inches: 3.25
Length in Inches: 3.25
Unit: Each
Made In: India

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