Life Through Smiles: 10 Highly Inspirational Zen Jokes

You might be one of those folks where you might have your go to routine to de-stress.  It might take a little meditation, yoga, TV, coffee or probably a beer or a bottle of wine to relax after a really hard day.  Well, yeah, I'm guilty of that as well.  I’ve had moments where chamomile tea and needed all of the above to relax!  Lol.  

I bring this up because I am so interested in how others go through the ‘motions’ of life when faced with vein-popping stress?  I mean, yoga, meditation or reading are some of the de-stressors work for me. But there are so many other ways to chill out, quickly, when you need to get life done.  One of my favorites is HUMOR!  It’s so amazing how quickly your whole attitude, body and energy can change after a good laugh.  This is one of the observations that had me thinking that there really must be something in this 'mind-over-matter' thing.

Humor is indeed one of the best medicines there are, whenever you are. I mean anyone with internet access can easily read a joke or listen to a comedian just to get a good belly laugh in. Despite what's happening in that moment, doesn’t it feel like it's better to find a good laugh to clear your mind and then face your troubles, than to tackle whatever you are going through in anger with clouded vision?  

I am a huge fan of zen jokes.  They satisfy my desire to laugh AND are deep enough to push me to think.  

So in case you needed a laugh today, here some of my favorite inspirational jokes.

10 Highly Inspirational Jokes

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