Work Magic - Part I

By Kimmy


In my life, nothing goes wrong.  When things seem to not meet my expectations, I let go of how I think things should be.  It’s a matter of not having any attachment to any fixed outcome.

- Deepak Chopra


I love this quote and mantra on how to approach life.  I was introduced to it during one of the Oprah/Deepak Meditation challenges and it stuck with me, so I listened to it enough to type it out in a word document and print it out.  I believe that when things stick with you or resonate with your spirit, it’s something to write down and keep close.  Our spirits are such a great compass in life, so you must listen and take heed.

I keep this quote just to the left of my monitor at work so that it remains a constant in my daily activities.  It’s easy (especially at work), to feel like something has gone “wrong”; but with this reminder, even when things work out differently than I’d like or expect, I literally see this message and almost immediately remove myself from the slippery slope that negative thoughts can lead us towards.

This is just one of MANY positive ‘reminders’ that I surround myself with at work to keep a good light of energy around me as it’s where I spend the majority of my waking hours.  I’ll use this blog as a way to share my personal Magic Tricks with the Little Magic Shop community ;)