The Universe Speaks

By Shereen Campbell


The Universe speaks to me.  I tend to notice it most when reading.  Some folks hear it when they are in a place of worship.  Others through a stranger’s kind or odd word.  I’ve even heard of people experiencing this while on their morning run.  For whatever reason, books seem to resonate most with me.  Or maybe that’s just the way I am most open to receiving words that tug my heart strings.

I love to read anything that tackles the big ‘why are we here’ question.  You will often find me reading books about life after death, life before death or some bio on a person trying to discover their calling.  Occasionally, I check out some chick lit or something lighter to balance out my usual thought provoking picks.  I yearn to understand our purpose as a society and our individual interaction with that purpose, but sometimes my brain gets full.  Funny enough, sometimes I think of reading as a sort of meditation, because it seems to be when it’s easiest for me to clear my mind.

And that’s when the universe speaks.  Or rather when I see that connection.  There have been so many occasions when I felt confused or conflicted about some aspect of my life.  Should I take this new job?  Should I go on a date with this guy?  Should I move to another city?  Then, without fail, this happens.  I sit down and decide to distract myself from worrying and contemplating through a book.  Normally this occurs on the subway, with no cell reception underground; reading always trumps accidentally making eye contact with the wrong person in a crowded hot train.   So, I take a seat and open whatever book I’m working on at the moment.  I start reading to only encounter the answer to whatever was ailing me moments before.  Right there in black and white!  It’s doesn’t matter if I’m reading the Bible or 50 Shades of Grey, the answer still creeps in there.  

At first this freaked me out a bit, as if someone was playing a joke on me.  I would look suspiciously around the train as if someone planted the answer in my book while it was in my purse.  Now, I just laugh at the irony.  It’s as if someone is screaming at me ‘You wanted to know what to do next, here you go!’.  

As time goes on, I am becoming more comfortable with this way of communication. I’ve even become proactive about this. I ask for guidance on a decision or question I am pondering, try to be open to the answer, then expect to read the answer somewhere.  This has become one of my go to methods when it times of confliction.  I have other friends that have similar stories.  Some who see their answers in film, some who hear it in music or a podcast, many who feel their answers during mediation, but no matter their spiritual or religious background it comes to them somehow, some way, personalized for them.

The Universe, God, Allah, the Creator, Jehovah, Mr. Higher Power speaks to each of us.  Everyday.  Through all sorts of methods.  I think that no matter what higher power you lean towards, that being or energy interacts with you in a way that you most connect or understand. My way happens to be through books. What’s yours?