By Trish


This week I have been thinking deeply about the process of letting go of empty relationships the inhibit self-realization and holding on to those that are additive to the journey of self-realization. Enjoy this week’s poetry entry.


Title: Hues of Nothing

Faded are my feelings
And how I am feeling
Ridding myself of all that was
Luster almost gone
This dimly light heart
Faded are my memories of us, that was

Purging myself of the joy and laughter we shared
Shades were what covered what was
And who you were
Colorful moments added light to what we shared
So bright too bright, the glare
Obstructed perceptions

But then the light focused
And I realized we were merely shadows of nothing,
The shades

What we desired to be, diluted the brilliant colors of truth
I seek truth
So we faded and so will memories of us


Title: Hold On

We are all looking for the best reflection of ourselves.
So, if you see yourself in someone, hold on.

It is rear in our life time that our mirror, with its static elements, envelopes us.
Embraces us, loves us and becomes our equal.
When you are capable of loving beyond your understanding,
More than what you can describe, more than what your heart can comprehend, hold on.
Because if you see yourself in someone, and that person loves you it’s your duty to never let go,

Ego and pride… an impediment, like a small crack,
That can expand and shatter beautiful reflections and perceptions
As you realize you capacity to give life and realize life
You must look really hard at what you really are and address the things that haunt you the most
Because if you see yourself in someone, and that person loves you but there are stains they can’t hold on

Perfect the things you are great at,
Embrace everything else with love and full commitment.
Look at everything else as a stepping stone to become the better reflection of yourself
Because if you see yourself in someone and that person loves you at your core… you can’t let go.