Morning Wake-Up Recipe

By Tiffany Carlin


I am NOT a morning person. However, nine months out of the year I am up at 6:30am, five days a week. By eight o’clock, I have thirteen people under the age of nine looking at me for guidance. Teaching is a job where I have to be on my A-game, even if I’m exhausted. Here are my steps for faking being a morning person.

Sun Salutation

After I hit the snooze button at least twice, I do five rounds of Sun Salutation A. Its wakes up the body, without being a strenuous workout, and I can do it in my pajamas. Being able to do something in your pajamas is perfection.

  1. Standing Straight, inhale, draw the arms over the head

  2. Exhale, swan dive down

  3. Inhale, touch the ground and make your back flat while your legs stay straight so that your body makes a 90 degree angle

  4. Exhale, press your hands into the floor and step or jump back into a low push up “chattaranga”

  5. Inhale, arch the back and press tops of the toes into the floor “ upward facing dog”

  6. Exhale, press the hips back and heels down, “downward facing dog”

  7. Inhale, step or jump your feet to meet your hands to a flat back

  8. Exhale, bow down

  9. Inhale, draw the arms over the head, reverse swan dive up

  10. Exhale, lower the arms by the sides


So many yoga people hate coffee. I don’t really understand why. Coffee helps rev the metabolism, and makes the morning so much better. Coffee is great just don’t load it up with nonsense. Creamer and artificial sugar is basically poison.  A little bit won’t kill you, but drink that in moderation.  I drink my coffee black. I say, “I like my coffee the way I like my men… dark and rich.” Just kidding… kind of.

Green smoothie

I hate juicing. When you juice you lose a lot of fiber, and that means constipation. I do like smoothies. You don’t waste any of the fruits or vegetables you use and you keep the fiber.

Here’s something simple:

Using a good blender...

  1. 6oz vanilla Greek yogurt (check the sugar content!)

  2. 2 cups of kale

  3. ½ chopped banana

  4. Dash of cinnamon

  5. 5 ice cubes

I usually throw everything in the blender, leaving out ¼ of the banana to throw into the mixed smoothie. This keeps me full and I can carry it out the door and drink it at work.

These three things help me get through the day, and not walk into work like a zombie, which is beneficial to not only me, but my coworkers, students, and their parents. I also like good music on my car ride, and if something stressful happens I try to breathe. Good luck on your journey to being a morning person, or just fake it like me!