An Enlightening Experience

By Melanie Barnes


Shereen, the lovely owner and creator of My Little Magic Shop, introduced me to the empowerment that these candles can bring. Two years ago she took me a to a little store in the Lower East Side and I told a woman (a self-described witch) all about my life. I moved to New York City approximately four years prior, but my degree in magazine journalism had only brought me freelance work. Frustrated that I wasn't moving forward in my career and that all of my applications were apparently being filed directly into black holes, I was ready to try anything.

I've always had a vague interest in magic and witchcraft, so I came prepared with an open mind. Everything I told her found its way into something meaningful on my candle, from the wax color to the carvings, oils and glitter--green for money, I won't even lie. As she handed me my new life, the directions given were to find a way to visualize what I wanted out of this candle. Vision board, a letter to myself, acting out a scene in my head of my first day at my new job.. anything that would help manifest my dream.

An avid fan of arts and crafts (and a hoarder of magazines), I chose to take on a vision board. Hours later, my painstakingly accurate clippings filled my giant 3'x4' cork board. My desired industry, salary, work environment, the apartment I'd move to, etc etc.. all tacked up for the world to see. I spoke a few words to the universe until I felt a warm, positive glow in my body and lit the wick.

Two days later, a friend reached out to me out of the blue and told me that her company was hiring. Three days after that, I was interviewing for the job I eventually landed, and continue to work for to this day. And when it rains, it pours -- within two weeks I had two other companies contact me through email and LinkedIn, and one company that I applied for also wanted an interview. After a months-long drought of zero contact from any potential employers, you better believe I became a big-time fan of the power of these candles.

And later, for my next candle, I'd take a ritual bath and write three letters (folded five times), but that's another story.