10 Best Movies to Help You Capture the Halloween Magic This Year

You’re already drowning in pumpkins, candy corn, and cute ghost gifs, might as well soak up some of that movie magic too!

The Wizard of Oz


Dorothy goes all the way to Oz and realizes her capabilities through Glenda the Good Witch. You don’t have to go to Oz for your boost, just purchase our A Little Inner Peace kit instead!


Hocus Pocus


Arguably one of the most popular not-so-scary Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus is full of quirky magic and perfect fall weather vibes.


The Prestige


Starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman, The Prestige features two 19th century magicians fighting to outwit and out-magic each other. Watch to see which magician could use A Little Career Change kit in the end…


Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets


The most fitting film of the Harry Potter series for this month. Did someone say magical floating cupcakes?



Matilda, the movie that makes everyone want magic powers oh so badly.  Instead of waiting for the day you can make pancakes with a wave of your finger, try the One Little Wish jar to make your dreams come true.  



It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown



An oldie but a goodie, and Linus’ persistent belief in the Great Pumpkin is adorably inspiring!



The Nightmare Before Christmas



A classic dark fantasy movie from Tim Burton that really captures the spirit and magic of Halloween with the help of whimsical animation and some catchy songs!



Warm Bodies



Warning: this is a zombie movie. A zombie romance movie. Love blooms between a zombie and a human girl that bridges death with life.


P.S. Finding love in a zombie apocalypse? Not likely. Finding love with My Little Magic Shop’s Find a Little Love kit? WAY more likely.


Sleepy Hollow



Johnny Depp discovers new magic he is not accustomed to in this classic film, another by Tim Burton. No concern of being scared here, unless seeing a flying pumpkin terrifies you.






Another spooky, fun film from Tim Burton, starring Michael Keaton. The setting of the movie really sets the tone for Halloween!  



Don’t forget to tune into ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween! You may be able to catch some of these films there.




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