New Moon Astro Reading

New Moon Astro Reading


Our resident Astrologer is offering New Moon Readings to help you fully utilize the upcoming New Moon energy.  

New moons are the perfect time for setting intentions!  As ancient farmers planted their seeds on the new moon with the intention of harvesting the best crops, Astrology guides us to plant intentions for the coming months, helping us to harvest the most magical version of ourselves.  Each month, we are gifted with a special beam from the Universe directed at particular area of our natal chart.  This is where the new moon energy resonates most, helping us to sow the seeds, create and attract something new in our lives.  With the help of our skilled Astrologer, you will be directed on what types of intentions to set and where to focus that energy based on your unique, personalized Natal Chart.  

This very special New Moon Reading will accomplish the following:

  • Introduce you to your unique natal chart (a copy will also be emailed to you)

  • Provide insight into the strengths and opportunities for growth unique to you based on your natal chart as it pertains to this new moon.

  • Provide you with insights on how to best tap into the energy of the new moon based on your individual chart.

  • Help you curate intentions and affirmations to plant during the new moon.

Readings are available via phone, email or chat.  An email will be sent immediately after your purchase to schedule the reading with our resident Astrologer.

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