How Deep Is Our Love?

How Deep Is Our Love?


Here's a special reading for the couples out there.  No matter how perfect you are for each other, there will also be some growing and expanding to do within your relationship.  If there wasn't, what would be the point?  Love exists to help us grow, and face our fears with someone holding our hands.

The goal of our resident Astrologer is to help identify you and your love grow closer, love more deeply and better understand each other's crazy! Our resident Astrology has over 5 years of experience giving professional readings, with a focus on using astrology to empower and inspire others. 


Your reading will accomplish the following:

  • Introduce you to your synastry chart (a copy will also be emailed to you)

  • Provide insight into your strengths and opportunities for growth as a couple

  • Help you curate intentions and affirmations for deepening your love

Reading is available in person (NYC only), Video Call or Phone Call.  An email will be sent to schedule the reading with our resident Astrologer.

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