Crazy for Mercury Astrology Reading

Crazy for Mercury Astrology Reading


Is Mercury ruining your life?  Well, lucky for you, we can give you all the details on this three week transit to prepare you for your quarterly Mercury Retrograde face off.  Just pass our Resident Astrologer your birthday, time and place and we will send you over a personalized mercury horoscope based on your unique natal chart!  

You: 1, Mercury 0.

Our resident Astrology has over 5 years of experience giving professional readings, with a focus on using astrology to empower and inspire others.  

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This super detailed Mercury Retrograde reading will be delivered within 24 hours and will include your horoscope for the three week Mercury Retrograde.  Your reading will be written by an experience Astrologer and is NOT a computer generated report.  It is based on your unique, astrological natal chart.