Meet Andy!  Her journey is one many of us can relate to, especially our Founder.  Watch as she struggles through career, love and wellness woes, on her way to creating her own magic!


Fairygod Candle - Chapter One

This clip shows how Andy used A Little Career Change to jumpstart her career.  She had just moved to a new city, and could not figure out what her passion was.  With a little help from her kit, she was able to identify her goals and manifest them into reality. 


First Comes Love - Chapter Two

Now that Andy's job is rolling, she's decided that she is ready to be in a relationship.  She's been on a couple of wacky dates so far and has not met anyone exciting yet.  After one particularly awful date, she decides that she needs to refocus her intentions a bit.  Instead of making a long list of qualities she's looking for in a mate, she starts to really consider the type relationship she hopes to create.  Check out how Andy uses Find a Little Love to meet her match.


And Then There Were 16 - Chapter Three

Career, love and a new city!  It appears Andy has it going on, until she realizes that her jeans are not fitting the way they used to.  New relationship weight anyone?  It seems Andy has been so focused at work and with her new woke bae, she's been neglecting her own body!  What better way to jump start a new healthy living regime than to check out A Healthy Little Push!  Watch how Andy gets in her groove again.


Love Drama - Chapter Four

Cue the end of the honeymoon phase!  Andy and her babe have stumbled over some relationship snags.  As Andy is trying to figure out if her relationship is worth saving, she decides to ask Christian to try A Little Love Connection with her.  He agrees and they do it together.  After working through this kit together, they notice that their sparkle is making a comeback.  All they needed was some good old communication and the kit guided them right through.  See how it worked for them.


Inner Peace Is All You Need - Chapter Five

With so much happening, Andy's fuse is a little hotter than ever.  She's had so much on her mind for the last few weeks, she's finding herself doing some rather implusive things.  She's yelling at strangers and assaulting copy machines.  This is not the Andy she is used to.  Lucky for her, Christian swoops in to save her sanity with A Little Inner Peace, the kit to her you re-connect with yourself.  Andy promptly does it and realizes she needs to make an effort to nuture herself consistently.  Turns out inner peace is something you have to practice.


Birthday Magic - Chapter Six

It's been quite a few months since her move into the city, and Andy's life has evolved so much.  She's finally on the career path of her dreams, she's met someone to build the ideal relationship for her and she's got a good handle of her mental and physical well-being.  She is feeling quite magical.  Looking back, she realizes that the empowerment kits have played a huge part in her life, keeping her focused on her dreams and guiding her through manifesting them, stepping into her magic.  Why not share that with someone else?  That's exactly what she does by giving A Little Birthday Wish to her wokebae.